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Join us for an Unforgettable Experience April 3rd to 7th 

We are excited to offer again this year, a week long residential event featuring renowned astrophotographer, Mark Gee. This year, Mark is generously donating his fee to a Women and Children's Refuge group.

The workshops will include; Astrophotography setup, learning the art of time lapse, one-on-one guidance and feedback from Mark alongside self directed work and an unforgettable experience on our Beautiful island. The program is also designed to capture the essence of Aotea's community and lifestyle, and will include a Marae visit with a traditional Māori powhiri (welcome). During this visit kaumatua and kuia of Ngāti Rehua Ngāti Wai ki Aotea will share the story of Matariki and explain the significance for Māori.

More details available here.

A Day with Brad Jersak
On Friday 20th July 2018 about 60 people (including members of the public, church leaders, educators, counselors and a mix of Orama staff, trustees, members) attended the Brad Jersak workshops at Auckland's Holy Trinity Cathedral. The workshops were awesome and followed a 2 day visit by Brad and his wife Eden to Orama earlier in the week where we were able to get to know them better and have the opportunity to chew on theological and spiritual topics over the course of four sessions. Following Brad's visit to Orama he had this to say:

My experience of Orama is that it’s a community that embodies the hospitality of Christ. While I believe Christ has opened the heavens to all, people who go to Orama seem to experience God in a unique and profound way. I think the reason is that the community treats everything they do there as a sacrament. They know it's not only when they’re worshipping or praying that they’re connecting with God—they’re mindful of how their work on the land or on the water or in the cafeteria is a way to connect with the love of God. They participate in God's work, mediating the love of God to the people who are visiting. Because they’re mindful of that, it feels a bit like what the ancients called a "thin place." Visitors are able to lay aside attachments to the busyness of the world system and experience the open of the skies, the wonders of ocean sailing and the company of rare birdlife—the whole property becomes a living sacrament. Orama also offers a way of seeing God that’s all-inclusive. So, while not everyone is aware of what Christ has done for them, the community is aware that everyone they welcome has been included in God's love, and should be treated with that kind of dignity and love."
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