Orama is totally off-the-grid which means we generate all our own electricity. We use a mixture of solar and generator-based power. Solar is used to charge batteries that supply critical equipment around the site 7 x 24 and the generator is used to power everything else – including lights and all high-power appliances (clothes driers, vacuum cleaners etc). The generator comes on automatically between 7:00am to 10:30am and 4:30pm to 10:30pm. This means you will need to ensure any power requirements you have fall within these times.

There are a limited number of battery-based inverter power outlets available around the lodge for those that need to charge low-power electronics e.g. computers, phones, tablets, speakers, CPAP machines etc. Please ask at the Orama shop for the location of inverter power outlets. These outlets must not  be used for high-power appliances such as hair driers, vacuum cleaners, microwaves, electric blankets etc as this will result in blowing a circuit breaker and the disabling of other important equipment.

If you need power during the night for a CPAP machine please also discuss this with us in advance of your stay.