We have a wifi network covering the majority of the buildings and adjacent grounds. This network is connected to the internet via a 4G rural broadband connection. Guest access to the network is available through a wifi hotspot and the use of vouchers which are sold at the Orama shop. Vouchers are priced on a per MB basis in increments of 100MB, 250MB, 500MB, 750MB and 1000MB.

Please note that internet performance is not guaranteed and is very variable due to our remote location and contention for cell tower use by other users such as boaties and the Port Fitzroy and Okiwi townships. At peak holiday periods with the influx of boaties and visitors internet speed is much reduced and patience is required!

Wifi terms and conditions must be accepted before you connect to the wifi hotspot. A link to these terms and conditions is provided on the hotspot landing page when you connect to the Orama Guest network.