You can get to the Kotuku Peninsula sanctuary from the Orama side by following the farm road from the Orama car park up the hill and through the pine trees behind the Shady Heights cabins. You will eventually reach the top of the hill and see the predator proof fence. The fence runs all the way down to Port Fitzroy and is designed to protect the sea birds nesting in the Kotuku Peninsula from rats and cats. You may enter sanctuary through the door in the fence.  Please remember to close the door after you. Once through the door you can walk down the farm road into Arthur’s Bay and beyond via the network of tracks. These tracks are currently used for rat trapping and are not well formed walking tracks – so please be careful as they are very steep in some places.

Please respect the boundaries to other people’s property when walking along the peninsula. In addition to land owned by DoC the peninsula is owned by four main land-owners – Orama, Glenfern Sanctuary, the Winger Family and the Leys Family. In particular if  you want to venture into the Glenfern Sanctuary you must let the sanctuary managers know in advance. We are happy to do this on your behalf. Just come into the shop and let us know when you’re going.