Our Vision, Mission & Values

Hospitality is what we do;
Holding space for Life-changing encounters that impact generations,
is who we are.


To be a vibrant expression of the Kingdom of God on earth: an oasis of Christ-like hospitality, love & Welcome.


To be a place of welcome where people find belonging & have life changing encounters with God, Others & Nature.

What we Value...

Hospitality & Care

Providing a warm welcome and care without discrimination; responding to each individuals need; supporting people in their personal discoveries towards Christ-centred wholeness.

Sustainability & Stewardship

Stewarding the Karaka Bay site at Orama & seeking to have a positive and restorative impact on the land. To leave it better than we found it for the next generation.


Engaging with the complexities of modern life but applying inspired wisdom to establish healthy priorities for daily life & always coming back to what really matters. People.


A total approach to all our work – Striving for exceptional communication, planning, people and facility management, health and safety, goal setting, accountability, partnerships with other organisations, and programmes and services.

Enquiring & Spiritual Diversity

Constantly seeking God, His will and His purposes in our lives while embracing and nurturing diversities & different expressions of biblical Christian Faith. We acknowledge we are all on a journey & don’t have all the answers.

Authenticity & Integrity

Living without masks–being real with ourselves, each other and God.

Training & Equipping

Whether through Orama’s programs, or collaborating with partners to provide Education, A place for Spiritual growth & Nurturing, & Equipping people for life’s journey ahead.

Biblical Stewardship

Operating and living according to the resources God is releasing, preserving resources, reinvesting to enhance core assets, and provoking an entrepreneurial spirit.

We Believe that...

Our 4 Rocks

God is three in one, a community we understand as Trinity, loving and self-giving. We seek to express God’s character in authentic christian community.

We are all made in God’s image, to live in community and to draw out the Christ in each other.

God loves us, always holds us in tender embrace and desires that we turn towards that love into renewed relationship.

God, our Creator, is revealed in creation, which we regard with love and awe; we care for and delight in all that God has created.

Orama is a community that embraces and celebrates a diverse understanding and expression of Christianity. We recognise that each person is on their own journey of faith. We don’t claim to have it all worked out and we don’t have to agree on the detail. We acknowledge that we are all at different stages of faith and life, and are respectful of where each person is at on that journey whilst encouraging each person to grow in Christ.
We believe there is room for difference, for healthy discussion and debate, for change and growth, and for new personal revelation along the way.

Rather than focusing on differences in belief and getting stuck in the detail, we have agreed on four foundational “rocks” (tenets of belief – as stated above) that we can all agree on. These ‘rocks’ were formed out of two intense weekends of prayerful discernment, discussion and respectful debate involving Orama leadership and trustees.

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