Orama is privileged to have close partnerships with wonderful like-minded organisations such as:

If your organisation is interested in forming a partnership with Orama please do get in touch with us.

Our long-standing close partnership with Hillary Outdoors began with the opening of the Hillary Outdoor Education Centre (HOEC) here at the Orama site in 2006. Since then thousands of school kids have benefited from Hillary Outdoors' all-year-round short-term and long-term outdoor programmes and in the process have also shared in the life of the Orama's community. Hillary Outdoors provides quality wilderness experiences, outdoor education and leadership development for over 860 young people at Orama each year.

Fatherheart Ministries have been running their Inheriting the Nations Schools (INS) at Orama since 2009. Each year the school runs for 3 months from September with 80 students and staff drawn from all over the world in residence. Fatherheart had its genesis at Orama back in the 70's and since then there has been a special bond between both organisations.

Each August since 2017 Diocesan have run an innovative, week-long programme for Year 10 girls that is focused on sustainability and the environment. Orama and Hillary Outdoors collaborate to provide a supportive environment rich with activities and challenge.

The Anglican Trust for Women and Children have been a cherished partner of Orama since 2015. Early in January each year ATWC hold a week-long camp for vulnerable women and their children at Orama - giving the mothers a chance to rest and enjoy quality time with their children in a safe, beautiful environment.