Our Kitchen & Meals

The Kitchen

From our commercial kitchen, we can cater and cook for up to 120 guests. Between our large sea facing dining hall & outdoor courtyards, there is plenty of space to enjoy a meal by yourself, or with a group. 

The Meals

Our team creates wonderful nutritious meals from our kitchen and can accommodate a range of dietary requirements including: allergies, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan & vegetarian.

Meals are at set times and are served buffet-style in the lodge’s main dining room where you may dine with other guests and community members, or if you prefer  – you may take your meal back to your room.

Meals include:

Continental breakfast – 7:30am (if your with a group – in the dining room OR otherwise, in your own room / guest kitchen).

Lunch – 1:00pm (in the dining room)

Dinner – 6:00pm (in the dining room)

You can book a meal when you book your accommodation, or you can  book meals on a casual basis from reception (12hrs notice is appreciated). 

For an enquiries, please feel free to contact us.