Orama Oasis is a dynamic, diverse Christian community based on Great Barrier Island with a vibrant history of restoring and equipping people for life’s journey. Every year more than 2500 visitors come to enjoy a holiday adventure, a spiritual retreat or a training school at Orama.

  • We hold the tension of diversity amidst a disposition to love - God, each-other, our neighbours - all who come to our door.
  • We welcome all, offer generous hospitality, stand and journey with those who are marginalised and in need.
  • We hope that all who stay at Orama encounter God in some way.
  • We are committed to living sustainably and in harmony with each other, the earth and the natural environment and minimising the impact we make.


Orama Oasis is a living, functioning, inter-denominational Christian community, observing aspects of worship, prayer, teaching and ministry through a rhythm of Sunday worship and mid-week fellowship, daily devotions and pastoral care. Community members, guests, visitors and neighbours are all welcome to take part in this life of discovery.

Orama is Greek for vision – a place where individuals, families, churches and school groups come to relax, rest, refocus, and recharge.

Orama Oasis is governed by the Orama Christian Trust a registered charitable trust.  We warmly welcome your interest and support.


To be a vibrant expression of the Kingdom of God on earth: an oasis of refreshing, healing, building up and preparation, and a place of life-changing encounter with the power and presence of God.


Caring – transforming – equipping: to express an authentic Christianity through community – impacting people’s lives by sharing hospitality that welcomes all, renewing spiritual, emotional and physical well-being, and equipping people to impact and lead their communities.


Caring & Hospitality

Providing a warm welcome and care without discrimination; responding to each individual’s need; supporting people in their personal discoveries towards a Christ-centred wholeness.


Engaging with the complexities of modern life but applying inspired wisdom to establish healthy priorities for daily life.


Striving for exceptional communication, planning, people and facility management, health and safety, goal setting and accountability, programmes and services.


Constantly seeking God, His will and His purposes in our lives.


Living without masks–being real with ourselves, each other and God.

Mission / Evangelism

Equipping, prompting and enabling mission and evangelism.

Biblical Stewardship

Operating and living according to the resources God is releasing, preserving resources, reinvesting to enhance core assets, and provoking an entrepreneurial spirit.


Orama is a community that embraces and celebrates a diverse understanding and expression of Christianity. We recognise that each person is on their own journey of faith. We don't claim to have it all worked out and we don't have to agree on the detail. We acknowledge that we are all at different stages of faith and life, and are respectful of where each person is at on that journey whilst encouraging each person to grow in Christ. We believe there is room for difference, for healthy discussion and debate, for change and growth, and for new personal revelation along the way.

Rather than focusing on differences in belief and getting stuck in the detail we have agreed on four foundational "rocks" (tenets of belief) that we can all sign up to. These rocks were formed out of two intense weekends of prayerful discernment, discussion. and respectful debate involving Orama leadership and trustees.

We use the rock metaphor in the sense that the rocks are the first and most important things that we put in our jar (of belief) before we start filling it with the pebbles and sand (which have lessor significance and we could potentially do without).

Here are our four rocks:

  1. God is three in one, a community we understand as Trinity, loving and self-giving. We seek to express God's character in authentic christian community.
  2. We are all made in God's image, to live in community and to draw out the Christ in each other.
  3. God loves us, always holds us in tender embrace and desires that we turn towards that love into renewed relationship.
  4. God, our Creator, is revealed in creation, which we regard with love and awe; we care for and delight in all that God has created.

Our conversation around rocks is ongoing and who knows we may actually add more in the future - but for now four seems to be the right number.

Whilst Orama doesn't subscribe to a specific theology we do have a current theological direction that was set back in 2008 when Paul Young first presented at an Orama summer conference. If you haven't heard of Paul we would encourage you to read his wonderful book The Shack (or see the movie). Since then we have been influenced by theologians such as Baxter Kruger, Kindra Carson-Green, Caroline Leys and more recently Brad Jersak author of a More Christlike God: A More Beautiful Gospel.


Orama's own community rhythm is built around the following activities:

  • each day at 8:00am a small number gather for prayer in the chapel. Guests are welcome to join us.
  • we gather for morning tea and a brief devotion each week day at 10.30am in the dining room. Again guests are welcome to join us.
  • we eat meals together with our guests and visitors each week day in the dining room with lunch at 1pm and dinner at 6:00pm.
  • our shared fellowship and worship takes place on Wednesday evening - usually upstairs in the  lounge and sometimes in one of the staff houses. Leadership of content and theme is shared in rotation between the Orama Community members. Guests are welcome to join us, please ask for details of where and when.
  • we connect to the wider community with Neighbours Night every Thursday at 6:00pm - an open invitation to all our friends and neighbours to come and share dinner with us in the dining room. Please let us know you are coming so we know how many to cater for.
  • we typically gather for worship and teaching on Sunday mornings. Guests and neighbours are welcome to join us. If you are travelling any distance it would pay to contact us the week before to check this is on.