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Karaka Bay

Breathtaking location

Karaka Bay is famous for its sunsets - they are to die for! The bay is a photographer's paradise.

Sunsets to die for

Orama Oasis is nestled in a valley of regenerating bush and mature trees, beside the sparkling waters of Karaka Bay on Great Barrier Island. 

Karaka Bay

Orama Aerial View
Photo courtesy of The Tripper Society

Karaka Bay opens out into the wider waters of Port Abercrombie with Kaikoura Island and Little Barrier Island as a backdrop.

Karaka bay to Port Abercrombie
Photo courtesy of The Tripper Society

Port Abercrombie
Photo courtesy of The Tripper Society

Great Barrier Island is a remote, tranquil paradise 90km north-east of Auckland in New Zealand. It is the North Island's largest off-shore island – 35km long and 15km at its widest point. Great Barrier’s unique landscape of rugged, mountainous, bush-covered hills and cliffs, white sandy surf beaches and deepwater coves, are ideal for boating, diving, fishing and tramping. There are endless ways to explore this natural paradise.

Great Barrier used to be considered the realm of the radical pioneer or fringe dweller because of its perceived isolation. Not so any longer. Although Great Barrier is somewhat removed from the mainstream, the advent of faster travel and other technology means that we now have reliable power, internet and much of the other modern conveniences people take for granted.


Orama Oasis is a dynamic Christian community based on Great Barrier Island with a vibrant history of restoring and equipping people for life’s journey. Every year more than 2500 visitors come to enjoy a holiday adventure, a spiritual retreat or a training school at Orama ... Read more

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