There are many ways you can help & get involved at Orama

You can help us financially by making a donation or you can come and work with us as a volunteer and help out with chores and projects around the place. You can also come for a short stay (up to a week) and help with specific projects.


As of May 2019 some of the significant projects along with estimated costs that we need help funding are listed below.

If any of these projects resonate with you and you would like to contribute funds, materials or time to any of them please get in touch or make a donation directly and tell us what it is for.


  • replacing the roofing on staff houses - Hillside 1, 2 and 3 ($15K, to fix leaks due to corrosion and impact on the health of families staying in the house)
  • Pines cabin addition so that Hillary Outdoors have another cabin with 6 to 8 bed-bunks giving them the ability to have two schools in the Pines at once ($56K, this allows Orama to run more smoothly  when we have large groups like Fatherheart in)


  • replacing the old and failing battery bank ($12K, to reduce risk of power failure to critical systems)
  • adding solar panels to our existing ones on the gymnasium roof ($20K, so we can significantly reduce our generator diesel consumption when charging batteries)


  • acoustic treatment in the dining room (to reduce noise when it's full of people)
  • replacing old cupboards, shelves and benches in the kitchen ($10K, to improve safety and hygiene)
  • replacing the tatty carpet in the lodge dining room and in the shop ($5K, to improve comfort, acoustics and hygiene)
  • replacing the tatty carpet in the lodge lounge ($5K, to improve comfort and appearance)


  • upgrading the wharf ($140K, the piles have major corrosion and the whole structure is at risk of collapse and becoming a safety issue)


  • van replacement – our third van has finally given up the ghost and we are now down to two. We need a third van to provide ground transport for guests and residents – especially when we have larger groups like Fatherheart. (15K, for second-hand Nissan Caravan coach)


We always need help with chores. If you'd like to spend time working with others on chores like these then please get in touch.

  • child care
  • cleaning
  • gardening (weeding, planting, tidying)
  • housekeeping (cleaning, laundry, hospitality)
  • kitchen (food preparation, cooking, dish-washing)
  • firewood (chainsawing, wood splitting)
  • handyman tasks
  • mending fences
  • painting
  • removing gorse and pruning trees
  • maintaining rat lines and traps in the sanctuary and around the property
  • maintaining vehicles, engines and machines


Being on an island some skills are hard to come by. So if you are skilled in any of the following and would like to help out then we would love to hear from you.

  • building / carpentry
  • child care
  • cooking
  • electrical
  • fabrication and workshop (welding etc)
  • gardening or landscaping
  • hospitality
  • mechanical (small engines, car, diesel)
  • painting
  • plumbing
  • sewing
  • teaching