Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved & help us here at Orama

The priority of our needs is changing all the time.
There are always projects on the go, buildings that need to be fixed & daily taks that need to be done.
We are very blessed by our Partners, Supporters and Volunteers & we really couldn’t do what we do without each one of them. 

Below is a few ways you can help and get involved with Orama today.

Make a donation / Become a supporter

You can help us financially by making a donation, sponsoring a specific project / upgrade we are currently in need of (you can see a list of Current needs at the bottom of this page), Or by becoming a monthly supporter with an automatic payment set up (Tax deductible).

Volunteer Here

The daily running of Orama requires loads of hands on work. From the kitchen & housekeeping requirements to maintaining the grounds, there’s always things to do. We take volunteers for a minimum of 1 month stays depending on our needs at the time.

Specific Project Help

Are you a tradie or someone with a specific skill set that we might need? We often have projects on the go that require a skilled tradesperson. You can see more info about what we currently need below. If you think that you could help, we would love to hear from you.

Current needs & Projects on the go

Infrastructure & Facilities Upgrades:

Here is a list of our immediate needs along with an estimated price that we are needing help with to fund. If any of these projects resonate with you, and you would like to contribute funds, materials or time to any of them please get in touch or make a donation directly and tell us what it is for.

Replace Roofing on Staff Houses

Hillside 1, 2 and 3 houses need replacing due to leaks and impact on the health of families staying in the houses. ($15K each)

Pines Cabin Addition

Hillary Outdoors are growing & in need of another cabin with 6 to 8 bed-bunks. This will give them the ability to have two schools in the Pines cabins at once allowing Orama to run more smoothly when we have large groups like Fatherheart Ministries in. ($56K)

Wharf Upgrade

The piles on our wharf have major corrosion & the whole structure is at risk of collapse and becoming a safety issue. ($140k)

Van Replacement

Our third van has finally given up the ghost and we are now down to two. We need a third van to provide ground transport for guests and residents – especially when we have larger groups like Fatherheart. (15K, for second-hand Nissan Caravan coach)

New Commercial Ovens

Our whole Kitchen needs an upgrade. Including cupboards, benches, shelves & new ovens.

Replacing Carpet

Lodge Lounge

Additional Solar Panels

Our existing solar panels need some attentions so we can significantly reduce our generator diesel consumption when charging batteries. ($20K)

Specific Skills Needed:

Being on an isolated island makes some skills hard to come by when we need them. If you are skilled in any of the following areas and would like to help out by Volunteering some time, we would love to hear from you.

Ongoing Chores Needed:

We are almost always in need of help with our daily chores. If you’d like to spend time working with others on chores & can volunteer with us for a month or more, please get in touch.