Where is the nearest petrol station?

The nearest petrol station is Port Fitzroy Fuel and Marine Supplies on the wharf at Port Fitzroy. Both 91 octane petrol and diesel is sold there.

Do you sell LPG?

We do not sell LPG however you can get refills at the Port Fitzroy Store, 15 minutes drive from Orama.

Do you sell ice?

We do not sell ice but you can buy bags of ice at the Port Fitzroy Store, 15 minutes drive from Orama.

What restrictions are there on using electricity?

Orama is totally off-the-grid which means we generate all our own electricity. We use a mixture of solar and generator-based power. Solar is used to charge batteries that supply critical equipment around the site 7 x 24 and the generator is used to power everything else – including lights and all high-power appliances (clothes driers, … Read More

Where is the nearest shop?

Orama has a shop just inside the main entrance to the lodge. The shop sells a limited range of confectionery (including chocolate), chips, biscuits, soft drinks, water, toiletries, fishing tackle, batteries etc. The shop is typically open during business hours (8:30am to 5pm) and usually closed on the weekends. Contact the duty manager if you … Read More