Where can I buy decent coffee?

Good coffee is available at the My Fat Puku cafe in Claris. They also do great pizza’s from 4:30pm in the evening during the summer.

Do you sell icecream?

You’d be surprised how often we get asked this. Unfortunately we do not sell ice cream due to the difficulty in transporting it without it melting. The nearest shop that sells icecream is the Port Fitzroy Store – 15 minutes drive from Orama.

Do you sell alcohol?

We do not have a license to sell alcohol. A limited selection of beer, wines and spirits can be purchased from the store at Port Fitzroy or at the Rocks in Claris.

Can I buy meals?

Meals including continental breakfast, lunch and dinner can be ordered online, or when you book your accommodation or by arrangement from the Orama shop.

Do you have BBQ’s?

A BBQ available for general guest use is located outside Rose Cottage. The two Seaview units each also have a BBQ located on the veranda outside each unit.

Where can we store food and keep food cold?

There are storage shelves available for food in the Rose Cottage camp kitchen. There are also fridges available in Rose Cottage and upstairs in the lodge guest kitchen. Since these are shared spaces please make sure it is appropriately contained/sealed and labelled with your name.

What cooking facilities do you have?

Shared guest cooking facilities are available in the Guest Kitchen upstairs in the lodge and in the Rose Cottage camp kitchen adjacent to the lodge’s courtyard. All self-contained rooms and units have their own kitchens.

Do I have to boil the water before drinking?

There is no need to boil water at Orama. All our water is fed from the stream and treated at our water-treatment station where it is both filtered and sterilised (with UV). Normally the water is crystal clear however it can get a little discoloured during periods of heavy rain when the stream gets silty. … Read More