Where can we gut and clean fish?

There is a fish processing bench with running water down by the wharf. After using this area please make sure it is left clean and tidy. Make sure you remove all fish frames, scales and guts and dump these out at sea at least 1km away from Orama. Please do not put fish frames and … Read More

Where are the best places to fish?

Now that would be telling! Seriously many fish are caught in and around Karaka Bay – sometimes off the Orama wharf and also off the rocks around from the wharf. However fishing is much better if you have a boat. You can catch fish just about anywhere in the bay and a little further out … Read More

Where can we get rid of fish frames?

Fish frames and guts should be disposed off at sea – at least 1km from the Orama wharf to prevent attracting sharks and sting rays. The wharf and pontoon is a popular children’s swimming spot.

Do you have a fish smoker?

Orama does have a fish smoker located by the fish cleaning station at the Orama wharf. However currently the smoker cannot be used during the summer until mid-April when there is a fire ban in place. Please contact us if you would like to use the smoker so we can confirm that it can be … Read More

Do you hire out fishing gear?

No we don’t hire out fishing gear – so best to bring your own. We sell a small amount of fishing tackle (hooks, sinkers) at the shop. Bait (pilchards and squid) can also be purchased at the shop.