Do you have a public telephone?

We have a telephone booth for guest use located outside the Orama shop – just inside the main entrance to the lodge. Calls to land-lines within New Zealand are free, however international and mobile calls are treated as toll calls and you will need a phone card to make these calls. Phone cards are available … Read More

How do I post a letter or send a package?

There is a mailbox for outgoing mail outside the Orama shop. The mailbox is usually cleared each day and mail taken to the post office facility at Port Fitzroy Store. Incoming mail is also collected from the Port Fitzroy Store, sorted alphabetically and put in one of the A-Z pigeon holes outside our shop. Larger … Read More

Do you have wifi?

We have a wifi network covering the majority of the buildings and adjacent grounds. This network is connected to the internet via a 4G rural broadband connection. Guest access to the network is available through a wifi hotspot and the use of vouchers which are sold at the Orama shop. Vouchers are priced on a … Read More

Do you have mobile coverage?

Orama has patchy mobile coverage for the Vodafone network only from a cell site located on Kaikoura Island to the north west. This cell site provides coverage for the Port Fitzroy and Port Abercrombie areas and its signal is repeated over the hill to the Okiwi township. There is no access to the Spark network … Read More