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Passion and Place

Find your passion in this unique place and take it back to your place

Hillary coasteering

Join us in a fun and challenging leadership development programme for tertiary students provided by Orama Oasis and Hillary Outdoors.

Cooper and JP

Broaden your experience beyond the university mind-set and campus with an holistic, authentically kiwi experience in a beautiful island setting.

Test your preconceived personal limitations in a framework which offers challenge and reflection, and be encouraged to “give things a try”. You will get a rare chance to test yourself in real challenges - away from the confines of academic obligations. It is in the process of action-and-review you can build resilience. This resilient world view can then spread into all of your life.

Activities and conversation will provide you with opportunities to ask and answer, for yourself, these questions:

  • Can I grow my self-confidence and enjoy who I am?

  • What does my future hold?

  • Why do my emotions limit me so that I can't say what I really mean?

  • Can I get on better with people and have great relationships?

  • Can I overcome my fears?

  • Can I possibly lead anything?

  • What difference can I make to the well-being of the planet?

Whangapoua beach tertiary students

This week-long experience will challenge your whole person, inspire you and lead you to a new appreciation of yourself, others and the world around you.


Offered on the following dates for a minimum of 8 participants and a maximum group size of 20: 

  • February 11th to 16th, 2018

  • June 24th to 29th, 2018

  • July 1st to 6th, 2018

Package cost $1455 per person (Does not include transport from Auckland City to Great Barrier Island. We can help you with transport bookings).

If you talked to us at the recent AUT Orientation day then you are entitled to receive a 10% discount.

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