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Pateke at Orama
Photo courtesy of Tamzin Henderson - Pateke in the Orama stream

Orama is part of the Kotuku Peninsular wildlife sanctuary. The sanctuary hosts a wide variety birds kaka, kereru, tui, king fisher; and is home to coastal sea birds including fluttering sheer waters, variable oyster catchers, as well as endangered species such as Pateke (Brown Teal), Black Petrel and Cooks Petrel.

Orama's foreshore, front lawn and stream is home to over a dozen endangered Pateke who seem quite at home amongst the many outdoor activities that take place. Banded rails and oyster catchers too are frequent visitors to the front lawn.

Karaka Bay is a regular feeding haunt for gannets from the neighbouring ganet colony on Mahuki Island and they can often be seen dive bombing into the sea to catch fish.

Gannet from Mahuki Island
Photo courtesy Tamzin Henderson - Gannet from Mahuki

Tui in a Kowhai
Photo courtesy of Tamzin Henderson - Tui in the Kowhai

Kaka at Kotuku
Photo Courtesy of Stephen Leys - kaka at Kotuku

Photo courtesy of Tamzin Henderson - Kereru amidst the berries

Banded Rail
Photo courtesy of Tamzin Henderson - Banded rail on the Orama front lawn

King Fisher
Photo courtesy of Tamzin Henderon - Kingfisher



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