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An ideal location for conservation camps and activities

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The wilderness nature of Great Barrier with its issues of sustainability and Orama’s expansive 250 hectare property and nature reserve present an outstanding opportunity for groups to participate in environmental activities. The Alternative Energy Programmes by Orama, DOC and other Barrier residents also provide interesting case studies. We would be delighted to host your group and offer a range of accommodation and catering options to suit your budget.

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Kotuku Peninsula Bird Sanctuary

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Part of the Orama Oasis property falls within the 200 hectare Kotuku Peninsula Bird Sanctuary. In conjunction with the Glenfern Trust and other neighbours we have built an extensive predator fence which is helping to re-establish the native bird population – including the black petrel, brown teal and the recently re-introduced North Island Robin.


Building a sustainable community
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As a remote island community, Orama provides its own essential infrastructure. As part of Orama’s environmental commitment, we have recently installed a state of the art sewage treatment plant, chemical-free water treatment plant and we are currently engaged in a programme to reduce dependence on the use of fossil fuels for electricity generation. We use alternative energy and are working to eventually eliminate our carbon footprint altogether. We also have a nursery where we propagate native trees and plants.


Orama Oasis is a dynamic Christian community based on Great Barrier Island with a vibrant history of restoring and equipping people for life’s journey. Every year more than 2500 visitors come to enjoy a holiday adventure, a spiritual retreat or a training school at Orama ... Read more

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