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Orama Oasis offers a unique environment for your next church retreat or event. The wonderful Great Barrier experience, along with the Christian heritage and mission of Orama all combine to make the whole experience something very special.

“This place is amazing for 100 different reasons. There’s a deep well of message, music, prayer, and [God’s] anointing and presence… and some of the best quiet times you’ll ever have.”  Jake Hamilton – songwriter, worship leader and speaker from Jesus Culture USA

A number of churches run annual leadership development events and retreats at Orama with outstanding results. We can accommodate up to 120 people from budget bunkrooms through to modern, self contained units, with full catering or self-catering options available. Camp sites and a camp kitchen are also available for groups looking for the super-budget option or to accommodate larger numbers. Our lecture/group room facility, expansive lounge, recreation hall and adventure options may also add to your group’s experience.

Learning opportunities can be greatly enhanced as people share new and different experiences at Orama. Many have commented that the spiritual nature of Orama’s Christian community increases the sense of God’s presence. Opportunities to combine outdoor adventure, sustainability and creation care have helped to make church events at Orama relevant and contemporary.

“We have come to Orama for the last three years for our week long discipleship camp for young adults.  Orama provides our group with the ideal retreat from everyday life to focus on faith, life and God. The journey there has been an important part of the experience for people. The remote location creates that liminal space so hard to provide on the mainland. The lush peaceful surroundings contribute to the restfulness and reflection that goes on for our participants. The helpful staff, delicious food, and the history of this Christian community are all part of the mix that makes this place very, very special. Having OPC based here as well is fantastic as they have enabled us to enjoy the water through kayaking, fishing and snorkelling. “

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Carlton Johnstone, National Youth Ministry Development Leader
Presbyterian Church Aotearoa New Zealand

“We absolutely LOVE Orama and highly recommend you go. Get refreshed, restored...
Josh Klinkenberg, InFlame worship leader


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Pastor Rachael’s story

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“After an extremely hard year our family decided to go to Summer Family Camp at Orama for a stress free week.  We really did not know what to expect except we knew it would be beautiful, there was good fishing and we did not have to cook. 

“I had decided I did not want to tell anyone at Orama I was a Pastor and be somewhat anonymous.  I was grieving for my recently lost grandparents, a fellow Pastor and generally feeling burnt out.  We arrived and I soon realised my agenda was out the window.  We were surrounded by loving, caring people and a full programme was planned.  Don’t get me wrong there was ample down time but there was plenty of spiritual input and amazing activities. 

“Over the week I was taken on a journey of renewal, cleansing and refreshment.  Each day through the beautiful environment, the blessing of having minimal responsibilities and the amazing people, God ministered to me. 

“I found healing in walking, worship, prayer, eating, reflecting, playing, singing and just being in community.  Some say that heaven is closer at Orama, maybe that is true. God knew I needed to strip back to what really mattered.  Through input, no distractions and relaxation I was able to rest in God as he sheltered me from the storms of my life. 

“I am thankful to God for the blessing and opportunity to be ministered to.  For me that week was a gift - one of the most amazing gifts I have been given.”

Pastor Rachael, North Point Baptist
Church, New Plymouth


Orama Oasis is a dynamic Christian community based on Great Barrier Island with a vibrant history of restoring and equipping people for life’s journey. Every year more than 2500 visitors come to enjoy a holiday adventure, a spiritual retreat or a training school at Orama ... Read more

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