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A Day with Brad Jersak

Many of us have wrestled with the gnarly problem of: “How come God seems so angry and horrid, if Jesus Christ shows us what God is like?” There seem to be so many places in Scripture that the language makes the encounter with a Loving God even harder. Perhaps the ways that we have been preaching and teaching also lie at the root of the problem… Brad Jersak turns the question around and says: “What would a more Christlike God actually be like?”


With this question in mind, Brad revisits Scripture, and explores the understanding of the self-emptying God as revealed in Christ. He shows us how a different reading of the same text can lead us directly to a loving God who is embedded in life with us.


We are offering a day at Auckland's Holy Trinity Cathedral that may light up your Christian experience. If you are a teacher or preacher, then this theology may re-invigorate your ministry.


20th July, 2018 (time 10am to 3pm)

Come and spend the day at Holy Trinity Cathedral, cnr St Stephen’s Avenue, Parnell, Auckland. Bring your lunch, we will provide morning and afternoon tea. Cost per person $25.00

Two seminars:

  • The image of God revealed in Christ: We will assess some common toxic images of God in the world and in Christianity, then turn to Christ, who is the final and perfect image of God as "cruciform love."

  • The Gospel in Chairs: We will compare two approaches to the gospel, using the biblical narrative to see how the love of the Father revealed in Christ is relentless, marked by the phrase, "His mercy endures forever."

Brad and Eden Jersak were previously pastors and church-planters and are now authors and teachers based in Abbotsford on the West Coast of Canada. They have three adult sons, two daughters-in-law and a granddaughter. Brad is now on faculty at St Stephen's University in Canada where he is scheduled to become Dean of the Master of Ministries program, and he is editor-in-chief of CWR (Christianity without religion) magazine, based in Pasadena.

Brad Jersak

Brad's current theological inquiry or focus: Brad's PhD was cross-disciplinary, spanning a range from contemplative theology to political philosophy. On that note, he has just finished a major study on "Transcending the Tribalism of the Culture Wars Spectrum," for the Global Discourse Journal. His post-doctoral work focused on the nature of God as kenosis in Patristic Christology. After applying that work to his book, A More Christlike God, he is following up with a sequel pertaining to the ethics of Jesus in a popular work called A More Christlike Way.


This opportunity brought to you through a partnership between: Holy Trinity Cathedral, the Ministry Educator for the Diocese of Auckland, and Orama Oasis Christian Community, Great Barrier Island.


Orama Oasis is a dynamic Christian community based on Great Barrier Island with a vibrant history of restoring and equipping people for life’s journey. Every year more than 2500 visitors come to enjoy a holiday adventure, a spiritual retreat or a training school at Orama ... Read more

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