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Who we are

Orama Oasis is a dynamic, diverse Christian community based on Great Barrier Island with a vibrant history of restoring and equipping people for life’s journey. Every year more than 2500 visitors come to enjoy a holiday adventure, a spiritual retreat or a training school at Orama.

We hold the tension of diversity amidst a disposition to love – God, Nature, each-other, our neighbours & all who come to our door.

We hope that all who stay at Orama feel like they are welcome, have a sense of belonging & the opportunity to have life changing encounters that positively impact their journey.

We are committed to living sustainably and in harmony with each other, the earth and the natural environment and minimising the impact we make.

What's different about us

Orama Oasis is a living, functioning, inter-denominational Christian community, observing aspects of worship, prayer, teaching and ministry through a rhythm of Sunday worship and mid-week fellowship, daily devotions and pastoral care. Community members, guests, visitors and neighbours are all welcome to take part in this life of discovery.

Orama is Greek for vision – a place where individuals, families, churches and school groups come to relax, rest, refocus, and recharge.

Orama is governed by the Orama Christian Trust – a registered charitable trust.  We warmly welcome your interest and support. You can find out more about our Trust and Trustees here >>

We run a Volunteer program that allows people to come and be part of our community for 1-6months at a time, learn the different skills needed for the work we do & have the time to enjoy being in this off the grid paradise. An experience you’ll never forget.

Community Rhythm

Orama’s own community rhythm is built around the following activities:

Each day at 8:00am a small number gather for prayer in the chapel. Guests are welcome to join us.

We gather for morning tea and a brief devotion each week day at 10.30am in the dining room. Again, guests are welcome.

We eat meals together with our guests and visitors each week day in the dining room with lunch at 1pm and dinner at 6:00pm.

Our shared fellowship and worship takes place on a Sunday – usually upstairs in the lounge and sometimes in one of the staff houses. Leadership of content and theme is shared in rotation between the Orama Community members. Guests & neighbours are welcome to join us, please ask in advance for details of where and when, as this doesn’t happen every week.

We connect with our wider community at Neighbours Night every Thursday at 6:00pm – an open invitation to all our friends and neighbours to come and share dinner with us in the dining room. Please let us know you are coming so we know how many to cater for.

Daily Life

Off the Grid

At Orama the remoteness of our island location means that we (and all other island residents) live entirely off-the-grid – disconnected from the utilities (power, water, sewerage) and services (rubbish collection, postal delivery etc) that most people have access to on the mainland. 

This means our facility is a lot more complex than your usual camp or accomodation venue. Our days often take a turn from what was planned when the water tanks are found empty, generators need fixing or the sewage system isn’t playing ball. It does mean though that we have the opportunity to reduce our impact on the environment and create a more sustainable way to live.
You can read more about our sustainability journey here >> 


At Orama, Hospitality & Welcome is what we do best. We want people to feel at home and part of the family here.  A warm welcome to all & generosity have been woven into the fabric of Orama’s DNA from it’s founders back in the 60’s & continues to be a big part of our Mission & Vision today. 

This means daily jobs revolve around keeping our Hospitality Business & Ministry thriving such as housekeeping, maintenance & catering.

Our desire is also that during people’s stay with us they feel respected, cared-for and supported, and that they leave having been refreshed and restored. Our staff are eager to help, and are always up for a chat or for sharing stories over a cuppa or a meal (so don’t be shy about reaching out).

You can find out more about our daily jobs & needs on our volunteers page. Or check out our Vision & Values here >>

Authenticity & Spiritual Journeys

Whether you live, or visit here at Orama, This place has a history of holding space for people to discover & go on their on authentic spiritual Journey.
There are daily Rhythms that hold intentional space for this such as staff devotions, but we often find that life-changing revelations & encounters happen throughout the day – through spontaneous conversations, sitting & contemplating nature, during daily activities & adventuring the island. Staff are also blessed by sitting in on sessions of different ministry schools that happen here.

The Diversity of people’s spiritual & Christian Journey’s at Orama is something very special. Orama is not a specific denomination but holds together the diversities of many theologies in the Christian faith. We hope Orama allows you to be you. To be true to your Journey & ask the questions that come up for you as they do while feeling safe & supported to share & process. 

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