Spring around the corner

August 29, 2019By oramaoasisCommunity News

There are lots of signs spring is on its way. Great to see the daffodils springing up all over the place – especially on the bank below the Hillside houses. Here’s one of Jacinda’s kiddies picking flowers for “daddy”. Aw, how lovely.

Arnie fixes a storm water drain

August 20, 2019By oramaoasisCommunity News

With the recent rain we’ve had a lot of water collecting on the front lawn. One morning we found a large water haematoma on the lawn where water had built up under the lawn and turned a patch into a water bed! When Arnie dug down to find the cause he found a broken drain … Read More

Hilary in the Garden

August 14, 2019By oramaoasisCommunity News

We were blest to have Hilary Foged come to stay for a week in June and another week more recently in August. As an ex landscape architect Hillary is a whiz in the garden and worked closely with Arnie to continue the transformation of the herb garden along with a myriad of other gardening and … Read More

Farewell to the Dyck Family

July 23, 2019By oramaoasisCommunity News

After five years at Orama Kimberley and Andrew made the difficult decision to leave and go back to Canada. They have been real rocks at Orama and we will miss them terribly. Over this time we have built a deep relationship with Kimberley and Andrew and their kids Evelyn, Olin and more recently baby Emmet. … Read More

Old friends

July 18, 2019By oramaoasisCommunity News

It’s always lovely when old friends decide to drop in for a cuppa. Kay Stowell came back to visit for a few days recently – taking the opportunity to reconnect with the community after a break of a few years. It was great to have her presence at morning tea and to for her to … Read More

Happy birthday Anja

July 17, 2019By oramaoasisCommunity News

Birthday’s too are part of Orama’s rhythm – and we have many! Each a chance to share the good things we each have to say about the person on their special day. Here Anja blows out the candles on her cake –  baked and presented by Kimberley.

Farewell vollies – Anja, Emmie and Lukas

July 16, 2019By oramaoasisCommunity News

The vollies we get each 6 months from ACVE are a very special part of our community. Especially so with Anja (from Germany), Emmie (from Finland) and Lukas (also from Germany). Saying good bye to vollies is part of Orama’s rhythm but even so it is always hard and sad to see them go. Both … Read More

Chainsaw handling lessons

July 1, 2019By oramaoasisCommunity News

Andrew felled a couple of dangerous pines from behind Seaview and took the opportunity to give some training in chainsaw sharpening and handling to staff and volunteers. John, Alex and Anja were keen and help to chop up the logs for firewood. Arnie and Luke took care of mulching the small branches for use on … Read More

Shulz Family back to Minnesota

June 28, 2019By oramaoasisCommunity News

We said au revoir to the Shulz family as they left to go back home to Minnesota for a couple of months to get their affairs in order, with a view to extending their time at Orama. Whilst there were a few tears at the bridge we were happy to see them excited to be … Read More

A farewell gift

June 27, 2019By oramaoasisCommunity News

Arnie organised a very special farewell gift for the Dyck family. Arnie travelled especially to Te Kauwhata to purchase a beautifully carved waka. He originally went for some poenamo but in the end it was the waka that really spoke to him. The waka was presented by Arnie on behalf of the whole community to … Read More