Getting to Orama on 
Great Barrier Island

So you’ve discovered NZ’s hidden gem and now you want to know the best way to get here??

In this blog, we’ll let you into some of our favourable options and local insights and hopefully help you decide the best option for you. If you’re coming to stay at Orama, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can help with your travel arrangement bookings. See you soon!

Background info:

Orama is located on Karaka Bay at the Northern end of the island. This map shows the main ports of entry for public transport to Great Barrier Island. (Ofcourse there are more charter options which we will cover later in this post.)

Whether you choose to fly or travel by boat, getting to Orama can be an adventure in itself! Great Barrier can be accessed by a small plane flight from Auckland city or North Shore airfield in under 30 minutes; or if you’d prefer to travel by sea you can catch the Sealink car ferry.

Airports: Claris (Main daily flights schedule) & Okiwi (Mostly for charters)
Barge / Ferry Ports: Tryphena (Main) Port Fitzroy 

“Travelling to the Island is an adventure in itself. It’s all part of the fun.”

Sealink Vehicle & Passenger Ferry

The Sealink Ferry is a great option for longer stays on the island. The crossing is approx 4hrs from Wynyard wharf in Auckland, to Tryphena at the southern end of the Island. The ferry transports vehicles, freight and passengers & has a consistent booking schedule throughout the year. Its not uncommon to spot dolphins & whales during this trip and is fitted with a cinema below for those who want to relax and pass the time. 

Note: For summer bookings and busy periods you will want to book months in advance if you are planning on bringing your car.

For bookings and further information go to

Barrier Air / Fly My Sky

For shorter stays, booking a flight out from Auckland or the North Shore is very convenient. The scenery and views from the plane are second to none – this is definitely a great start to your Great Barrier experience! Flights are 30 minutes and land in the middle of the island at Claris.

There are regular daily flights scheduled from both Auckland Domestic Terminal & The North Shore Aero Club to Great Barrier.

Your main 2 options for Auckland Flights are:

For those travelling from outside Auckland, there are other airline options although, you’ll have to weigh up convenience vs your budget. Sun air is a good place to start for Tauranga, Gisborne, Whangarei & Hamilton.

Charter a Boat into the bay.

If you’re coming to Orama with a group of people, one of the most common ways of arrival is chartering a boat right into our bay from generally Gulf Harbour or Sandspit.

There are several companies who offer charter boats and fishing charter services from Auckland to great barrier depending on the size of your group. 

Here are a couple popular options for your groups travel:

Kawau Kat
Fullers Ferry’s


If you own your own boat & live in Auckland, then you’re not too far away from this pristine spot! Around the island there are many sheltered coves for mooring overnight, many with swing moorings to rent / borrow. At Orama, we have a mooring available for rent ($25 per night) and ample space to anchor. You can read more about our facilities available to Boaties HERE

Getting up the Island to Orama

Once on the island, we can arrange to pick you up using our own vans. Alternatively there are hire cars and a shuttle service to any destination accessible by road (many properties only have water access).

If you travel by ferry the drive from the ferry wharf at Tryphena to Orama takes just over one hour, or from Port Fitzroy wharf around 15 mins.

If you fly the drive from the main airport at Claris is about 45 minutes and from the secondary airfield at Okiwi is only 15 minutes.

The roads on Great Barrier are typically windy and narrow but thankfully mostly sealed. The roads from both ports and the airfields to the turn-off to Orama are all sealed.

Orama sits at the end of Karaka Bay Road, a 3km stretch of windy metaled road. This road can be slippery when wet so care is required.

North Barrier Car Rentals

Situated in the north of the island at Port Fitzroy with cars also available from Okiwi Airfield and Claris Airport.

For more information, call 09 4290 915, or 027 9059881 or book directly online at

Aotea Car Rentals

Situated in the south of the island at Tryphena the company offers hire cars with drop-off and pick-up at Claris and Tryphena. The company also offers a daily bus service between Tryphena and Fitzroy.

For further information, phone: 0800 426 832, email: or book directly online at

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