After neighbour's night on June 13th we had our first open mic night. The evening was arranged at the last minute by Kimberley and was open to all-comers. Word spread quickly and we had a great turn-out with lots of great acts from within the community and the wider community including:

  • Eileen Ngawaka singing a couple of originals
  • Charles and Nova Nepia singing an old family favourite from Englebert Humperdinck
  • Waimarama singing and playing a few originals
  • our own Charlene and Kim causing a karaoke sensation with a creative rendition of Kiss and Say Goodbye
  • Paul singing an oldy by Bread from the 70's
  • Anne Marie singing from that great 70's show Jesus Christ Superstar
  • Kimberley singing a couple of her favourite standards (with baby Emmett strapped on)
  • Kimberley and Evelyn singing supported by Eileen on guitar
  • Sahara and Nova with a beautiful rendition of I'm Yours
  • John with a touching rendition of I Believe (theme song from the Canadian winter olympics)
  • Lukas playing a couple of Beetles standards and a composition of his own on piano
  • the kids singing a couple of waiata
  • another group of us singing Whakaaria Mai with Eileen on guitar

Everyone had a wonderful time and we can't wait 'till the next one!