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Terms and Conditions

By making a reservation for accommodation at Orama Oasis you agree to abide by the following Terms and Conditions and Site Rules.


Terms and Conditions


Reservations are a contract between Orama Oasis ("us", "we", "management") and the person named in the reservation ("you", "your", "reservation holder"). Reservations are not transferable to other persons. The reservation holder or persons included in the reservation must occupy the reserved accommodation for the duration of the contract. The reservation holder is ultimately responsible for the occupants and visitors of the reserved room(s) / site(s). Orama Oasis reserves the right to cancel any reservation (without refund) whereby the persons included in the reservation are no longer occupying the room / site.

Terms of Payment

A deposit of 50% of the total nights booked confirms your reservation. The balance of payment is due 14 days prior to your arrival.


Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your reservation before fourteen days of your arrival date then the 50% balance, or any part already paid will be refunded and any nights of the 50% deposit that are replaced by another booking will also refunded at 50% of the per night rate.


If your reservation is cancelled within fourteen days of your arrival date then only the nights that are replaced by another reservation will be refunded at the per night rate.


We cannot refund if a cancellation is received less than fourteen days from the date of arrival, except in exceptional circumstances and at our discretion or if another booking replaces this cancellation. In the event that one of sea or air transport options is cancelled you are encouraged to use the alternative means of transport. In the unusual event of extreme weather conditions when both sea and air transport options are cancelled, we would encourage you to re-book at a convenient time for the future.


There is no refund for early departures.


Check-in / Check-out

Upon your arrival your must register at reception and the reservation holder must pay any balance due before we will allow any access to rooms / sites.

If Orama reception is closed you must get in touch with the Duty Manager so that you can be checked-in by dialing "0". You can contact the Duty Manager on the public phone next to reception.

If you do not check in with us when you arrive, your booking may be deemed a ‘no show’ and cancelled without refund, allowing your room / site to be re-let.

Check in time is from 2pm for all accommodation, and 12pm for camp sites.

Check out time is by 10am for all accommodation and camp sites. Please endeavour to leave your room as clean as you found it.

If you want to arrive earlier or depart later we will try to accommodate you but please be aware that we may need to clean your room immediately prior to your arrival and immediately on your departure. However you are most welcome to spend the remainder of your day of departure with us after you check-out. Please ask at reception to store your luggage for the day and feel welcome to utilise any of our public facilities.

Please do not ask for early check in or late check out during our High Season. If you will be arriving after 6pm, please let us know so we can arrange a late arrival for you.


Privacy Act

Unless you instruct us in writing to the contrary, your booking information may be passed on to a third party or disclosed to persons enquiring if you are a guest.



We provide a family oriented environment and expect reasonable, courteous behaviour from all our guests and visitors to the site. Please respect other guests and allow everyone staying at Orama to enjoy their visit. Management reserves the right to terminate a reservation at any time, without refund, should behaviour be deemed unacceptable or Site Rules breached. Please refer to our Site Rules for further behaviour guidelines.


Cleaning / Damage

We reserve the right to recover cost if extra cleaning is required. Dish washing is not included in your room rate and extra charges apply. Please notify Orama reception of any breakages or damage to Orama property. Management reserve the right to recover all costs. Please review our Site Rules for information on behaviour, alcohol, parking, electricity, smoking, visitors, rubbish, and more.


Site Rules

Out of respect for, and the health and safety of, Orama clients/guests/visitors, the resident Orama community and the environment the following rules apply to all those on the Orama Oasis site. These rules may be over-ridden in some cases by other more specific Orama rules, policies or agreements applicable to Orama clients and staff e.g. Health and Safety policy.


Shop and Reception Hours

  1. The Orama shop and reception is generally open between 9am and 5pm week days. When reception is not open you can phone “0” for assistance from the phone booth in the foyer outside reception.


  1. Mail is received and posted most weekdays. A mailbox for outgoing mail is maintained outside reception as well as alphabetised slots for sorted incoming mail.

  2. Outgoing mail should be in the mailbox by 8:00am.

  3. Incoming mail may be collected usually after 3:30pm from the mail slots.

  4. Our mailing address (for letters) is: Orama Oasis, PO Box 67, Port Fitzroy, Great Barrier Island, Auckland 0963.

  5. Our physical address (for package delivery) is: Orama Oasis, 300 Karaka Bay Road, Great Barrier Island, Auckland 0991.


  1. Children are welcome but please ensure they are adequately supervised at all times. In addition to the hazards within our staff-only Restricted Areas there are also some natural hazards like the stream, the foreshore, farm stock, the car park and the public and private areas of road. Please supervise your children at all times.

Animals and Pets

  1. Dogs or other pets are not allowed on the Orama site unless specifically authorised. This is because Orama is located on the Kotuku Peninsular Wildlife sanctuary and is part of the “Restoration Planning of Endangered Bird Species” on Great Barrier Island.

Parking and Driving

  1. Guest parking is available in the car park area at the bottom of Karaka Bay Road. Please observe the no parking signs and out of consideration for the many children around the site reverse your vehicle into an available car park space so that you have good visibility when you leave. Please do not park on the grass areas or down by the wharf without first obtaining permission from  Orama reception.

  2. Please do not drive on the grassed areas of the property - especially the lawn in front of the Lodge. When the ground is wet (especially in the winter) the ground can get boggy and tyre tracks will disfigure the lawn.

  3. For the sake of the many children at the Orama site please do not exceed the speed limit of 5km/h in and around the parking areas and on Orama's private roads.


  1. There are many beautiful walks and beaches in the near vicinity of Orama. Some of these are detailed in the maps and brochures available at reception or the guest booklet in your room.  Please wear beach footwear with good soles - and preferable covered toes to protect feet from the oyster shells on our beach. Cuts from oyster shells can easily get infected.

  2. If you are going to walk one of the tracks on the property or going out for an activity elsewhere on the island please, for your own safety, sign out in the Intentions Book located outside Orama reception with information including where you have gone, who is with you and when you expect to return.

  3. Please leave all farm gates in the same state you found them i.e. if you find the gate open then leave it open; if you find the gate closed then close it after you.

Sports Gear

  1. Some sports gear is available for hire at reception. Please treat our sports gear with respect. You may be asked to pay for damaged gear.

Fire Safety

  1. Fire is the greatest risk to you, to Orama Oasis and to Great Barrier Island. Most of the year round there is a fire ban on the whole island due to the risk of bush fires. No naked flames or candles are permitted in your accommodation; and no fires are to be lit anywhere on the site including the foreshore / beach without a fire permit. We are in a remote situation and there is only a volunteer fire service on the island so please think safety at all times.

  2. If you hear the fire alarm (a loud continuous siren), please leave the building immediately in an orderly fashion via the nearest exit and assemble on the front lawn by the large macrocarpa tree. Anyone who may need assistance in an emergency evacuation should ask reception to enter their names in the Disability Register located at reception. Please familiarise yourself with the fire evacuation procedure outside Orama reception and in your accommodation.

  3. Candles or other naked flames are a fire risk and must not be used inside any room or building - please bring a torch for light when the site generator is not available.

  4. Tampering with smoke detectors, fire alarm devices or unauthorised use of fire hoses and fire extinguishers (except in an emergency) is strictly prohibited. If a fire emergency happens we must be able to rely on the operation of fire safety equipment.  

Flora and Fauna

  1. Orama is both a farm and part of the Kotuku Peninsular Wildlife Sanctuary. Physical engagement or harm to any farm animals or wildlife is strictly prohibited - particularly sea birds and brown teal ducks (an endangered species).

  2. You must not not feed birds or farm animals.

  3. You must not feed or catch the eels in the stream.

  4. You must not damage gardens, trees, plants, native bush, pasture or fencing.

  5. You must not obstruct (dam) or redirect any Orama waterways (e.g. streams, culverts).

  6. You must not damage or alter the Orama foreshore.

  7. You must not drive on Orama grassed areas - stay on the roads.

Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking and Objectionable Material

  1. Alcohol may be consumed inside your room or on the deck outside your room but not in public or shared-use areas which include front and back lawn, community dining room, upstairs lounge, guest kitchen and the camp kitchen. Excessive consumption of alcohol is not permitted as this may lead to unsafe behaviour.

  2. Illegal drugs must not be stored or consumed on the Orama site at any time.

  3. Smoking is not allowed inside or close to any of the buildings on the Orama site. The smoking area is out in the public car park or down by the foreshore. Please ensure that cigarette butts are disposed of safely and not left lying on the ground.

  4. Storage of and access to pornographic or objectionable material in any form (e.g. internet, electronic and paper media) is strictly prohibited. We are a family-oriented organisation and committed to offering a safe environment for all guests and visitors - especially children.

  5. In general please be respectful and mindful of others - and refrain from objectionable behaviour and language (e.g. swearing) which might upset other guests - especially the elderly or those with young children.


  1. Out of respect for other guests, especially young families, loud noise, music, shouting etc is not permitted after lights-out 10:30pm.

Firearms, Lasers and Drones

  1. Unauthorised use of firearms is not permitted anywhere on the Orama site. Orama reserves the right to carry out rabbit shooting from time to time. Guests will be notified of rabbit shoots in advance and advised of the shoot times and areas.

  2. Unauthorised use of lasers is strictly prohibited anywhere on the property.

  3. Out of respect for the privacy of our guests unauthorised operation of drones is not permitted anywhere on the property.  

Rubbish Disposal

  1. Orama provides bins for rubbish and recyclables. Please do not litter or dump rubbish other than in the Orama-provided rubbish containers.

  2. Dumping of chemicals or fuels into the Orama stream is strictly prohibited. If a chemical or fuel spill does occur please report it to Orama reception immediately.

  3. To ensure we maintain as safe a swimming environment as possible dumping of fish frames or shell fish from the Orama wharf or pontoon is not permitted. Please use the bins provided at the fish cleaning station by the wharf.

Unauthorised Access

  1. You must not enter other guest rooms unless you are authorised to do so.

  2. You must not access or use bookable Orama shared resources (including the Lodge lecture room, the Lodge break-out room, the Wilberforce class room, the gym, the recreational hall) without Orama authorisation.

  3. You must not access Restricted Areas without Orama authorisation and/or supervision.

  4. You must not access or use Orama tools, machinery or work vehicles (e.g. tractors, diggers, all terrain vehicles, trucks, vans etc) without authorisation.

  5. Unless you have Orama authorisation you must not access Orama office equipment, Orama audio visual equipment, musical equipment, the Orama wired or wireless network, IT systems (e.g. PC's, printers, servers, disk storage, network devices), or Orama private information (e.g. guest/client, personnel, financial, business data or information) whether in physical or electronic form. Please refer to Orama's Hotspot Service Policy for detailed policy information on access to the Orama wifi network.

Restricted Areas

  1. Restricted, staff-only areas are deemed private or hazardous and include:

  • Orama/Hillary Outdoors staff accommodation (the Hillside houses and at Arthurs Bay)

  • Hillary Outdoors offices (the big green shed)

  • the main kitchen including freezer, chiller and pantry

  • behind the shop counter

  • operations and catering office behind kitchen

  • admin and information communications technology areas and facilities (Lodge Room 16)

  • power generation facilities (batteries in load-bay area, inverter/pabx room)

  • water treatment station

  • workshop

  • generator shed

  • gas-filling station

  • vehicle bays

  • utility areas

  • any other areas sign-posted as restricted, danger or no unauthorised access areas


  1. At Orama we all use shared facilities and eat together in a communal dining room. There are many opportunities for spreading germs in these areas. To avoid sickness please make sure you wash your hands thoroughly using soap and hot water after using the toilet facilities and before each meal.

  2. If you are helping with dishes or food preparation in the main kitchen there is a strict hygiene protocol that you must follow that involves first scrubbing your hands, wearing an apron, closed shoulder top, tied-up hair, hat/cap and closed-in shoes.

Electricity Use

  1. Great Barrier Island is not connected to the main New Zealand power grid and therefore, here at Orama, we currently rely on a diesel generator to provide all of our electricity needs. Scheduled electrical power hours are from 7.30am to 10.30am and then again from 4.30 pm to 10.30 pm. You will need a good torch for when the generator is off. If you don’t have a torch they can be purchased from the Orama shop.

  2. Outside of generator hours we rely on battery-based inverter power for powering our critical systems including alarms and emergency lighting. There is a limit to the amount of battery power available so please be careful - Orama's inverter-based power points must only be used for powering low-power consumer devices e.g. mobile devices, personal computers etc.

  3. Unauthorised use of heavy duty electrical appliances (e.g. electric blankets, hair driers, heaters, toasters, ovens, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, power tools etc) from Orama-provided inverter power points is not permitted. Such appliances must only be used from generator-fed power points.

Water Use

  1. Orama draws all its water from the stream and this is processed via a sophisticated gravity-fed water treatment station from storage tanks on the hill. Water from all Orama taps is clean and safe to drink. We do not recommend drinking water directly from the stream as we cannot  vouch for its purity.

  2. There is a limited amount of hot water available in both the Lodge and self-contained units. Hot water for use in the Lodge bathrooms is recovered from use of the power generator and is generally hottest in the mornings once the generator has been on a while. Please be efficient in your use of hot water and think of others - keep your showers as short as possible.

Internet and Phone Use

  1. Orama provides access to the internet via a chargable Internet Hotspot service that is subject to a set of terms and conditions governing its use. Internet access or performance is not guaranteed since it is delivered via a rural broadband service that is subject to overloading during peak holiday seasons. The Hotspot service is charged on a per MB basis and vouchers for various data denominations are available from Orama reception.

  2. Mobile coverage is very poor at Orama with usable signal only possible at a small number of locations on the property if at all - depending on your cellular service provider.

  3. We provide landline phones in each self-contained unit and in some Lodge rooms; as well as a phone booth outside reception. Calls from an Orama landline to a New Zealand land-line number are free but all mobile and international calls are not. Phone cards are available from Orama reception.

  4. Unauthorised use of land-line phones located in Orama offices or residences is prohibited.

Kitchen Use

  1. Orama runs a commercial kitchen used for cooking meals for the Orama on-site community and for catered guests. This main kitchen including the pantry, store room, chiller and freezer is not to be used by casual or self-catering guests without Orama authorisation.

  2. Guest kitchen facilities are available upstairs in the Lodge for use by casual or self-catering guests. The guest kitchen in the Lodge contains a shared fridge and shelf space for food storage.

  3. Rose Cottage is also available for casual and self-catering guests but only by prior arrangement since it is frequently booked out by the Hillary Outdoor Education Centre. Use of Rose cottage fridges and shelves for food storage must also be arranged prior to your visit.

Tea and Coffee Station Use

  1. The Orama tea and coffee station is located in the covered courtyard area outside the main dining room. The water tap can also be used for filling water bottles. The station is used by Orama community members and is also available for guest use. Hot water for the station is provided from the main kitchen at scheduled meal times and at morning tea. Clean mugs and glasses are located under the bench.

  2. Please do not leave your used cups in the tea and coffee station sink or on the bench - take them inside to the dining room and put them on the servery by the washing up station.

  3. Other guest tea and coffee making facilities are provided in the self-contained units/rooms and upstairs in the Lodge guest kitchen.

Lodge Lounge Use

  1. The lounge in the Lodge is available to casual guests for relaxing, reading etc during the day and is typically reserved for use by the Orama on-site community after dinner. Please treat the lounge with respect and make sure that activities (cards, games, books, chargers, electronic devices etc) are put away, and rubbish, cups and plates are removed when you leave.

  2. Please do not move couches by pulling the arms (they loosen and break) - push them instead.

  3. Please do not use the couches for sleeping on and do not sit on the couches with dirty or sweaty clothes / bodies.

  4. Orama musical and audio-visual equipment located in the Lounge is not to be used without authorisation.

Gym Use

  1. Orama maintains a small fitness gym and this is available for use following the purchase of a Gym Membership from Orama reception. Use of the gym is restricted to members and gym rules apply at all times.

Toilet and Bathroom Use

  1. Orama maintains a sophisticated septic treatment system for disposing of raw sewage and grey water. However the system will fail if the wrong stuff is flushed down the toilets and drains.

  2. Please do not put women's sanitary products or excessive amounts of toilet paper down the toilet otherwise the system will block up. Make sure that sanitary products are placed in the bins provided.

Laundry Use

  1. Orama maintains a commercial laundry for use by Orama hospitality staff. The laundry is available for guest and public use during the weekends and in the afternoons after 4:30pm (when the power is on). Washing machines and driers are token operated and tokens can be purchased from Orama reception.

  2. Access to the Orama linen room attached to the laundry is restricted to Orama hospitality staff. If you need linen or a linen change then please talk to Orama reception or to the Orama Duty Manager - do not help yourself to linen from the linen room.

  3. The commercial washing machines are connected to a liquid soap dispenser. If you prefer to use your own soap powder please ensure you use eco-friendly washing liquids and powders when washing clothes in your accommodation or in the laundry. Many washing detergents will kill the bacteria necessary to maintain a healthy septic system. If you are uncertain about the suitability of your washing detergent then please ask advice from Orama reception or the Duty Manager.

  4. Washing lines are for general use outside on the hill at the rear of the laundry but please keep the first two lines free for Orama in-house laundry. Please provide your own pegs, these can be purchased from the Orama shop.

Mooring Use

  1. Orama maintains a mooring in Karaka Bay and subject to availability and meeting the mooring requirements is available for guest use upon request. Use of the mooring must be requested in advance of your stay and any applicable fees paid prior to use.

  2. The mooring is regularly surveyed however Orama will not be held responsible for the failure of the mooring and/or any damage to, or loss of, boats or property during your use of the mooring.

Wharf and Pontoon Use

  1. Orama maintains a wharf and floating pontoon in Karaka Bay. In general you must not tie your boat up for longer than 20 minutes. In particular the south and west side of the pontoon must be kept clear for boats dropping off and picking up passengers. And the north and east side of the pontoon kept clear for small boats and dingies. If you have a boat and are staying at Orama then please request use of the mooring or anchor in the bay.

  2. The pontoon is a favourite spot for fishers, swimmers and sun bathers so please keep an eye out for fishing lines and people swimming in the water when approaching the wharf and pontoon area in your boat.

  3. When approaching the pontoon please reduce speed to 5 knots from at least 200 metres out and in general do not approach the area at high speed such that the wash from the wake upsets people and boats on or around the pontoon area.

  4. In general please be considerate of others on the pontoon. The pontoon is not to be used for exclusive activities without prior authorisation.

Kayak and Boat Use

  1. All boats and kayaks within Orama are privately owned.  You are welcome to hire boats and kayaks from Hillary Outdoors who can be reached using Orama Phones on ext 252 or 4290762.

Trampoline Use

  1. The trampoline on the front lawn is available for guest use but must not be used by more than two children at once, and only one adult at a time.

  2. Parents of young children must supervise their children when they are on the trampoline.


Please contact us if you would like more information regarding our Terms and Conditions or Site Rules.


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