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Terms and Conditions

Site Behaviour Policy

Out of respect for,and the health and safety of, Orama Clients/guests/visitors, the resident Orama community and the environment the following policy applies to all those on the Orama Oasis site. This policy may be over-ridden in some cases by other more specific Orama policies or agreements applicable to Orama clients and staff e.g. Health and Safety policy.


Alcohol, Drugs and Objectionable Material

  1. No excessive consumption of alcohol is allowed, nor can it be consumed in public or shared-use areas

  2. No illegal drugs are allowed at any time

  3. No smoking is allowed in any of the buildings on the site, the smoking area is down by the foreshore

  4. No pornographic or objectionable material is allowed in any form (e.g. internet, electronic and paper media)

Animals and Pets

  1. No dogs or other pets are allowed because Orama is located on the Kotuku Peninsular sanctuary and is part of the “Restoration Planning of Endangered Bird Species” on Great Barrier Island


  1. No loud noise, music, shouting etc after lights-out 10:30pm

Firearms and Lasers

  1. No unauthorised use of firearms anywhere on the property

  2. No use of lasers anywhere on the property

Flora and Fauna

  1. No physical engagement with or harm to any farm animals or wildlife - particular sea birds and brown teal ducks (an endangered species)

  2. No feeding of birds or farm animals

  3. No damage to gardens, trees, plants, native bush, pasture or fencing

  4. No obstruction (damming) or redirection of Orama waterways (e.g. streams)

  5. No damage or alteration to the Orama foreshore

  6. No driving on Orama grassed areas - stay on the roads

Fire and Candles

  1. No candles to be used inside any room or building - please bring a torch for light when the site generator is not available

  2. No fires to be lit anywhere on the property including the foreshore / beach without a fire permit

  3. No tampering with any fire alarm devices or unauthorised use of fire hoses and fire extinguishers (except in an emergency)


  1. No littering or dumping of rubbish other than in Orama-provided rubbish containers

  2. No dumping of chemicals or fuels into the Orama stream

  3. No dumping of fish frames or shell fish from the Orama wharf or pontoon (use bins provided at the fish cleaning station by the wharf)

Electricity Usage

  1. No unauthorised use of heavy duty electrical appliances (e.g. electric blankets, hair driers, heaters, toasters, ovens, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, power tools etc) from Orama-provided inverter power points. Such appliances must only be used from generator-fed power points. Orama's inverter-based power points are for powering low-power devices only (e.g. mobile devices, personal computers etc).

Unauthorised Access

  1. No unauthorised access to other guest rooms 

  2. No unauthorised access to or use of bookable Orama shared resources including the Lodge lounge, the Lodge lecture room, the Lodge break-out room, the Wilberforce class room, the gym, the Recreational Hall

  3. No unauthorised access to restricted areas including but not limited to: Orama/Hillary Outdoors offices; Orama/Hillary Outdoors staff accommodation; the main kitchen including freezer, chiller and pantry; behind the shop counter; back-office; Information Communications Technology facilities; power generation facilities; workshop, generator shed; gas-filling station and utility areas 

  4. No unauthorised access to or use of Orama tools, machinery or work vehicles (e.g. tractors, diggers, all terrain vehicles, trucks, vans etc)

  5. No unauthorised access to Orama office equipment, Orama audio visual equipment, the Orama wired or wireless network, IT systems (e.g. PC's, printers, servers, disk storage, network devices), or Orama private information (e.g. guest/client, personnel, financial, business data or information) whether in physical or electronic form. Please refer to Orama's Hotspot Service Policy for detailed policy information on access to the Orama wifi network.

Terms of Payment

A deposit of 50% of the total nights booked confirms your booking. The balance of payment is due 14 days prior to your arrival.


Cancellation Policy

If a booking is cancelled before fourteen days of the arrival date then the 50% balance, or any part of if paid will be refunded and any nights of the 50% deposit that are replaced by another booking will also refunded at 50% of the per night rate.


If a booking is cancelled within fourteen days of the arrival date then only the nights that are replaced by another booking will be refunded at the per night rate.


We cannot refund if the cancellation is received less than fourteen days from the date of arrival, except in exceptional circumstances and at our discretion or if another booking replaces this cancellation. In the event that one of sea or air transport options is cancelled you are encouraged to use the alternative means of transport. In the unusual event of extreme weather conditions when both sea and air transport options are cancelled, we would encourage you to re-book at a convenient time for the future.


There is no refund for early departures.

Please contact us if you would like more information regarding our terms and conditions.  


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